10 Awesome Office Painting Ideas

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Whether you’re moving into a new space in Milwaukee or thinking about updating your current southeastern Wisconsin office, you may be stuck for ideas about what to do when it comes to painting. Here are 10 awesome ideas for painting an office. Consider one or more and hire a professional painting company to get the job done.

  1. Consider Emotion When Choosing Paint Colors

Before you start to paint your office, consider what emotions you want to convey. Color impacts the emotions of customers and employees, and you want to enhance interactions with the right shades. Choose colors that improve productivity or put customers in a happy frame of mind.

  1. Pick Colors Based on Your Company Theme

Your office is an extension of your organization, so the color scheme should fit with your company logo or other advertising. Choose colors that are either part of your logo or that complement it.

  1. Consider the Type of Business

When choosing an office paint color, consider what type of business your company is in. If you’re in a serious industry such as a law firm or medical office, neutral colors are often best. An architectural firm might do well with earthy tones, while finance companies may benefit from calming shades.

  1. Look at the Size of the Space

You must think about the size of the offices you’ll be painting. For smaller spaces, lighter shades will make the rooms look bigger, while darker colors can create a more cozy environment.

  1. Look at Color Saturation

The depth of a color or its saturation can have a major effect on a room. A lighter hue isn’t as intense and won’t evoke emotions as strongly as a deeper shade. Businesses that want to stimulate emotion will do better with a darker shade. For instance, a restaurant might want to paint a dark red on the walls of the dining area since red is known to stimulate appetite.

  1. Choose Blue for Mind Stimulation

Blue is ideal for offices where employees need to do a lot of thinking. This color is known to stimulate the mind and help employees focus. It might work well in a finance company or an accounting firm.

  1. Red is Ideal for Physical Jobs

Since red is an intense color, it’s a good choice for offices which involve physical labor, such as contractors and architects. It’s a great option for gyms as well.

  1. Focus on Paint with Other Design Elements

Paint doesn’t stand alone in an office. You must consider any hue you choose alongside the furnishings, window treatments and other features. If you go bold with the walls, you’ll want other elements to be understated. On the other hand, wall paint can be bolder if the furniture and accents are neutral.

  1. Consider Tradition versus Contemporary

Some businesses are considered to be traditional like banks, law firms, and doctor offices. Other companies such as graphic design firms, interior decorators and photographers are more contemporary in nature. Those businesses can venture away from the traditional neutral shades to something bolder.

  1. Think Outside the Box

For every rule in office design, some business has broken it. You don’t have to be boxed in by what has always been done in your industry. You know your customers and what they will accept, which gives you the opportunity to do something different. If you still aren’t sure how to paint an office, contact Lakeside Painting, an experienced office painting company. Our painters will work with you to achieve your goals and even help you decide on the look you want. Give us a call today and let us help you update your office space.

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