10 Great Life Skills You Learn as a Painter

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Perhaps you’ve always thought that working as a painter for a Wisconsin painting company sounds like a temporary or part-time job. While this is sometimes true, working as a painter can also serve you well for a future career by teaching you many important life skills. While painting, you may also find that you enjoy being a painter and choose to promote within the company. Either way, here are 10 life skills you can gain from working as a painter.

  1. How to Be on Time

While working as a painter, you must report in to your supervisor at various job sites and not be late. You’ll learn how to follow a schedule and report to work at whatever project you’re working on. This is a necessary skill in any occupation.

  1. Customer Communication

If you’re the foreman on a painting project or even a worker, you might be approached by customers who need to have questions answered. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with customers, especially when there are problems.

  1. How to Deal with Delays

Some painting jobs require you to work around the weather, while others require special supplies or other provisions. Delays can result, but you’ll learn how to deal with them and get the job done as quickly as possible.

  1. How to Work with Deadlines

Each painting project will have a deadline to meet. You’ll learn how to plan the scope of work and how to allow extra time for unexpected issues.

  1. Take Pride in Your Work

Every project you complete must meet the customer’s expectations. Satisfying the customer will make you feel good and you’ll learn how to take pride in a job well done. This is valuable in any vocation!

  1. Be a Team Player

No matter where you work, you’ll be part of a team. Painting is no exception. You must learn how to get along with others even if you don’t consider them friends or even really like them.

  1. Be Flexible

Flexibility is important in any job and it’s essential for professional painting. Whether you work as a commercial painter or a residential painter, there will be times when you need to work long hours or may be delayed because of weather.

  1. How to be Creative

You may think that painting buildings requires no creativity, but it does. You will learn about color schemes and how to evoke various emotions through colors. There are countless places where you could use these skills in the future!

  1. How to Market for Work

As you work on painting projects, you’ll meet other people and have the opportunity to promote your painting company in order to get more work. It’s important to develop marketing skills to use in the future, especially in marketing yourself for a promotion.

  1. How to Pay Attention to Details

As you work on painting projects, you may notice repairs that need to be made. Attention to these details makes a job look exceptional. Being able to recognize details is an important skill that can be useful in many areas of life.

As you can see from this list, becoming a painter will teach you more than just how to paint. You’ll learn skills that can serve you in other jobs and in life in general. If you like the sound of this, consider coming to work for Lakeside Painting and check out our online job listings.

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