3 Big Reasons to Power Wash Your Industrial Space

Monday, September 03, 2018

You already know the importance of preventative maintenance to keep your Wisconsin industrial space in prime shape. However, you may not be aware of the necessity of power washing for an industrial business. Here are three big reasons you’ll want to include this task in your maintenance schedule.

Protect the Roof and Exterior of Buildings

Power washing removes dirt and grime on roofs and the exterior of industrial buildings, which can corrode the material over time. Industrial roofs often aren’t at as deep of a pitch as many residential properties, which allows dirt to accumulate. Rain won’t wash that grime away. It takes power washing to clean these areas. If left unwashed, the dirt and grime can lead to rust on metal buildings and rot on wood buildings. This buildup of dirt and grime is inevitable, but you can avoid this problem by scheduling power washing regularly as part of your industrial maintenance routine. Once the exterior of the building is compromised, it can lead to problems inside. A leaking roof can cause damage to equipment or inventory in the building. If not taken care of correctly from the start with regular power washing, the problem spreads.

Create a Safe Environment

Power washing removes mold, pollen, dander, and other health threats from the exterior of a warehouse or other buildings. These threats accumulate over time and may not be noticeable until they have built up. When you keep your building clean, it’s safer for your employees, vendors, customers, guests, and anyone else. Many times, you don’t notice mold or pollen buildup until it’s become a major problem ’ but your employees have been breathing it in for months. As an industrial business owner, you must create a safe environment for everyone who comes onto your property. One way to accomplish this task is by power washing your industrial buildings.

Improve Value and Cut Costs

Left untreated, the mold and dirt on your industrial space will cause irreparable damage. Your only solution will be to replace the damaged area. The problem with this kind of situation is the damage spreads. You can end up replacing a major part of the roof or section of the exterior. This is costly and time-consuming for your business. In addition, your business may lose value. When you’re ready to sell it, an inspection will reveal prior damage that could impact your ability to sell or the amount you can sell it for. You could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in value for your property if it’s not maintained regularly. To determine how often your industrial property needs power washing, you can talk to the experts. Lakeside Painting provides power washing services for our industrial customers. We can set up a schedule with you for power washes once or twice a year, or more often if it’s determined to be necessary. If you’re ready to protect your industrial property with regular power washing, give Lakeside Painting a call today to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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