5 Great Positions in Commercial Painting

Monday, October 22, 2018

Maybe you’ve thought about commercial painting, but never considered how many opportunities really exist in this industry. Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a place for you or if you will have the ability to make a career as a Wisconsin commercial painter. Here are five positions you might want to consider.

  1. Apprentice Painter

Even if you have absolutely no experience in painting, you can get started as an apprentice. You’ll work with an experienced painter and learn the different techniques applied to commercial buildings. Getting a job as an apprentice painter is one way to start from the ground up and learn all about commercial painting and the services provided.

  1. Commercial Painter

If you have some experience in the industry or even working as a residential painter, you can get a job as a commercial painter. You’ll need to know how to paint and how to use sanders, ladders, sprayers, and other painting equipment. Someone with experience in caulking, sealing, sanding and other tasks will be ready to take on a job as a painter. You’ll also need to have a record of being on time and able to get the job done.

  1. Foreman

As a foreman, you’ll not only need to know how to do the painting work, you’ll need to know how to supervise a team. Your job will include delegating tasks, managing painters and apprentice painters, and ensuring the job is done on time and up to company standards. Many times, a painter becomes a foreman after a period of employment because they know the company requirements and team members. They behave in a professional manner with customers, team members, and outside vendors, as well as with management.

  1. Field Superintendent

As you grow in your career in commercial painting, you may decide you want to be a field superintendent. Field superintendents are responsible for projects, as well as building and managing teams. They interact with customers, vendors, and upper level management to ensure the standards of the company are maintained and that every job meets or exceeds customer expectations. While this position requires a high level of commitment, you’ll also receive the benefits of knowing you have a quality team and a strong reputation.

  1. Operations Manager

You may aspire to be an operations manager as you advance your commercial painting career. Managers handle all aspects of the operational side of the company. You’ll oversee projects, products, and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. A manager’s responsibilities are many and directly impact the company and its success. You’ll report to upper-level management. In this position, you can take pride in how the company is perceived since you have a direct influence in many areas.

Becoming a commercial painter gives you many opportunities for long-term success. With so many positions available, you can promote up from any level and make a career in this industry. If this sounds like the right career for you, find a job opening with Lakeside Painting and get your career started.

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