5 Things You Should Consider to Protect Your Industrial Flooring

Friday, August 10, 2018

The flooring in your warehouse takes a lot of traffic – and not just foot traffic from all the employees who work there. You also may have heavy machinery like forklifts that travel over the floor and big boxes, crates of products, and parts. Over time, even the most durable industrial flooring can wear down. Here are five things you should think about to protect your floors.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Polished concrete is often seen in hospitals, restaurants, and other industries with heavy traffic flow. It makes the average concrete look nicer and more “finished,” but it serves another purpose as well: it treats the floor to enhance its strength and to prevent abrasion to the surface area. Concrete floor polishing also makes cleaning easier and is hygienic, which is important in medical and food production facilities.

Concrete Repair

Most industrial companies use concrete in their facilities because of its strength and durability. However, even concrete can be damaged with heavy equipment or harsh chemicals. When it breaks down, you may need to have the joints repaired and the cracks filled. It’s best to identify these issues as soon as possible and have them repaired before they become major problems. Lakeside Painting is an industrial painting services company that knows the right techniques and products to use for concrete repair based on your industry.

Floor Coatings

Once the concrete is laid in a new facility, you must decide what type of coating you want. The right coating will ensure maintenance is easy and straightforward, and it will improve durability. Epoxy floor coatings are used in a variety of industries because of their longevity and versatility. In many food processing and production facilities, cementitious urethane coatings have gained recognition for holding up to high heat and for preventing the growth of bacteria, both of which can be concerns in this industry.

Safety Aisle Striping

You may want to designate certain areas for storage or to provide more even traffic flow. Safety aisle striping can keep employees safe and ensure everyone knows the layout of the space. It’s important to choose a process that will last for a long time. The method of line striping used by Lakeside Painting provides long-term use, even in harsh areas. You can find out more about the processes used when you talk to the team.

Choose the Right Company

When adding flooring to a new warehouse or doing maintenance on an existing space, you want to hire the right company for the job. They should be experienced in your industry and know the regulations and requirements for industrial flooring repair and maintenance. Such requirements may be even more substantial in the food production and medical facilities industries.

Lakeside Painting is a professional Wisconsin painting company with experience providing all of these services for companies in the food production and manufacturing industries, along with many other fields. If you’re looking for flooring maintenance in southeastern Wisconsin, find out how Lakeside Painting can help you protect your industrial floors for years to come.

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