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Take Your Office Building’s Foyer to a New Level with Wallcoverings

As you plan to update your office building, you may be trying to figure out how a new...

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How Lakeside Painting Tackles Non-Hazardous Paint Removal

You may have old paint that needs to be removed before you can apply a new coat of...

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Solid Ideas to Maintain a Concrete Wall

Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces available. It’s tough and will last for many...

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Halloween Spirit: Lakeside Painting Greets Tricker Treaters

This past Wednesday, Lakeside Painting's Kim Pangburn and Sandy Halkin, two longtime figures behind our ...

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Growth Opportunities are Everywhere with Lakeside Painting

When you work with Lakeside Painting, you get to enjoy more than just a job. If you&rsquo...

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5 Great Positions in Commercial Painting

Maybe you’ve thought about commercial painting, but never considered how many opportunities really exist in this...

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Vapor Blasting Benefits and Your Company

You need to have old paint removed from your Wisconsin company’s building or you want to...

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Ways to Increase Your Wisconsin Country Club Memberships with a New Paint Job

Whether you are looking to bring in new members to the Milwaukee country club, the one in Troy,...

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Interior Painting Ideas to Set Your Business Apart

When people visit your business, you want them to remember you after they leave. Being memorable is especially...

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