4 Living Room Paint Ideas for Wisconsin Homeowners in 2013

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Be Bold

Don't be afraid of going for a vibrant, bold color scheme. Try a deep red or orange if you want a warm, striking color. But if you're living room doubles as an entertainment room, be conscious of the fact that lighter colors (white, light yellows) will create a lot of ambient light, which isn't good for watching TV and films or playing video games. 

Soft Colors and Striking Accents

Instead of bombast in your living room's paint scheme, go soft. Then have some fun with furnishings and decoration. Add a bookcase or a nice wooden desk to compliment your white walls if you're after simplicity and minimalism. A light gray could also work, especially if the space is dressed up with vintage furniture. Soft colors and striking accents are classy and timeless. 

Do Not Fear a Monochromatic Palette 

Complimentary colors are all well and good, but don't be afraid of a monochromatic look for your living room. We here at Lakeside Painting think that rooms outfitted almost completely in one color or neighborly its hues look fantastic. An alternative to a full monochromatic look is to pick a dominant color scheme and accent one wall in another color. 

Go Seasonal

As the season changes, change up your living room's look. If it's summer, bring out summery pillows, candles and other decorative elements. If it's fall, go for a more autumnal look. If you hate winter, keep those summery decorative elements out there!

The point is to experiment and rotate looks. This might require a paint job that is flexible enough to allow for this sort of seasonal rotation. 

Learn more about how Lakeside Painting can spruce up your living room by visiting our Residential Interior Services page. 

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