5 Spring Home Repair Projects for Home & Business

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Spring Home Repair Projects for Home & Business

by Joe Pangburn, President of Lakeside Painting

With Spring comes a number of interior and exterior painting projects for residential, commercial and industrial structures. I've taken the liberty of listing 5 spring painting projects for home and business, just to give you an idea what to do if you're rudderless. 

1. Look For Cracks in Concrete

As anyone in the Midwest, particularly Wisconsin, will tell you, the winter elements are not kind to structures, be it home or business. I like to keep an eye on my building and home year-round, but the Spring is an ideal opportunity to appraise the damage of a Wisconsin winter. If any moisture was able to invade concrete block exteriors, the freezing temperatures will have caused ice to form and expand hairline cracks to larger issues. Just look at sidewalks and roads after winter—the same holds true for homes and buildings. 

Stair-Step Cracking, or simply Stair Cracking, typically occurs in concrete or brick basement walls. Those cracks will need to be grinded and caulked. If the damage is more considerable, masonry control joint removal and replacement may be necesssary, especially in larger commercial and industrial buildings. Tuckpointing—the application of new mortar to brick—is another option depending on the degree of damage. A professional painting contractor should be able to assess this damage and make the required repairs. 

2. Refinish Your Deck

Concrete and brick aren't the only victims of a harsh winter. Have a look at your deck when spring arrives—you'll be surprised at what you find. Wood may require some light carpentry repair, and the current stain may need to be removed and a fresh new coat applied. Be sure to survey the entire deck to make sure structural integrity is solid. 

3. Paint the Exterior

A particularly harsh winter might necessitate a new coat of exterior paint. Just as in concrete and brick, if any hairline cracks exist in the acrylic or elastomeric paint on home or building, then freezing temperatures will exploit it, making for an unsightly appearance and threatening the structural integrity. A good paint job will last several years, but a bad one won't make it through an intense Midwestern winter. 

4. Get Some Light Carpentry Repair Done

As noted above, light carpentry repairs might be necessary come Springtime. Survey decks, fences, wood siding and any other wooden surface to see if any repairs will be necessary. If you have the benefit of great past carpentry and painting, then repair should be minimal. If the carpentry and painting are slapdash, however, you will possibly have more work than expected. For my own home and business I see an exterior area that needs light carpentry repair, I don't wait, as the problem will only grow worse and lead to more costs down the line. 

5. Waterproofing is Key

Spring is the ideal time to waterproof a home. Spring showers and summer storms can be big problems for homes and buildings weakened by winter elements. If there are any cracks in concrete, wood, roofs or any other building materials, rain will invade the home, causing even more damage. No home or business owner needs that sort of headache. 

Taking care of waterproofing in early Spring also prepares building owners for the coming winter. See the pattern emerging? 

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