Lakeside Painting’s Complete Paint and Floor Makeover 117,600 Square Foot Industrial Plant

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

One of Lakeside Painting's major industrial services-in-progress is a factory remodel for Hentzen Coatings Inc., located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The former 117,600-square-foot metal fabricating plant that recently closed, is being repurposed to produce powder and liquid coatings used in the military and aerospace industries, as well as in industrial products like generators, handrails, storage tanks, and the like.

This massive project is putting Lakeside Painting's various divisions to work on a number of different levels, all in simultaneous fashion. We will be showcasing these individual projects on our blog over the coming weeks, but for now here is an update on this work-in-progress.

Industrial Painting

As the factory had long been used for metal fabrication, and had closed in early 2017, we had to clean all surfaces before painting. Walls, ceilings, floors and staircases all got a good cleaning as the first stage in our prep work. 

Beyond applying industrial coatings to the massive facility's extensive ceilings, walls and columns, we are painting machinery and surfaces including pipes, conduits, doors, stairways, handrails and electrical cabinets. The ceilings, walls and columns are getting a clean, crisp makeover with a white paint. The columns are also getting a coat of blue paint on their bottom halves; and this color is being applied on two parallel stripes that run horizontally across the entirety of the factory's walls.

A few of our painters are applying blue paint, by hand, to about a half dozen staircases. They are also hand-painting some metal railings with a coat of yellow paint.

We painted the ceilings with a white acrylic dry fall paint. For the walls, we applied a multi-surface acrylic dry fall coating—a rather expensive coating, but its stain-resistant qualities sold us on the product.

Industrial Flooring

Parallel to all of this paint work, our concrete floor polishing unit has been busy giving Hentzen’s factory floor a brand new look.

We first removed the floor's epoxy coating, then began grinding and polishing the concrete across most of the factory’s 117,600-square-foot. It’s a massive undertaking. And because several other construction and electrical contractors are at work in the facility, we are grinding and polishing the floor in stages. As you can see in before and after images of the floors, the look, quality and function is night and day. The previous floors were in rough shape, but now they gleam with a new polished look, and will make for a safer working environment.

With a new LED lighting system, the entire facility—from the ceiling on down to the walls and floor—is much brighter. Aesthetically, this makes for a much more attractive facility, but also a safer one, so that employee's can better see what they are doing. The fresh white coating and polished floors also help the LED lighting system more effectively illuminate the facility, helping Hentzen reduce it's energy costs in the process.

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