Budgeting for New Projects?  Lakeside Painting Can Help

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

by Joe Pangburn (President)

For many companies, the annual budget-writing time of year is quickly approaching—a time in which new projects are to be considered.

You may be an owner writing a budget to steer your business through yet another year of trials and tribulations. Or you could be an office, facility or project manager given the task of compiling and/or writing your company’s budget. Whatever the case, some of you may enjoy the challenge and dive into it full throttle.

On the other hand, you may be more like myself and dread the thought of it almost as much as a visit to the dentist.  I have found it to be helpful to break the undertaking into mutable parts, delegating pieces of the puzzle to others better suited to the task. I also reach out to my consultants and trusted associates for advice and to confirm our estimations. Sometimes it’s just easier to see the fence from outside the park. Another perspective, a second set of eyes, can prove immensely helpful.

Whatever the case, Lakeside Painting is at you service—we are here to help businesses in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

We will access your building’s upcoming maintenance expenses for: painting, decorating, corrosion control and waterproofing, to name a few. We offer a wide range of services—our expertise and knowledge are free for the asking. Lakeside Painting has been helping our customers with their budgets for decades, so help me help you.

It’s as simple as picking giving us a call at 262.642.9445 or scheduling your appointment online right now by visiting our commercial/industrial page: http://www.lakesidepainting.com/commercial/index.php

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