Chalkboard Painting Ideas for Home and Business

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We've all seen dry-erase whiteboard walls used in offices, but what about the alternative: walls outfitted with chalkboard paint? That's right— what's old is new again. Chalkboard paint has been trending both in the office and at home over the last year. So here are a few of Lakeside Painting's tips for deciding whether chalkboard paint is for you and where to use it. 


The most obvious location is the childrens' rooms. What kid doesn't have a natural urge to write and paint on walls? Encourage it. You may find that you'll have some fun yourself. Parents may not want to paint all walls with chalkboard paint, especially if the kid is so young they can't distinguish between, say, wallpaper and the chalkboard. Similarly, a play room is an excellent place for chalkboard painted walls.

Another room to consider would be an office/study, particularly if one of the parents works from home. The chalkboard wall will function as an idea board. Just keep the ideas high up, lest the kid get into the room and start erasing critical ideas. 

Chalkboard paint could also be used in a kitchen. Select a portion of a wall and use the chalkboard for To Do lists and other notes. Heck, do the entire wall in chalkboard paint if it pleases you! You can even paint a refridgerator with chalkboard paint. Keep in mind that chalkboard painted areas can be framed and need not take up entire walls. It's really up to the home and business owner. Furnitire, such as cabinets and shelves, can also look great with chalkboard paint. It makes them suddenly quirky and fun instead of purely functional or decorative. 


At Lakeside Painting we've seen entire office walls outfitted with dry-erase chalkboard. We're also seeing a growing demand for chalkboard paint. As noted above, such walls can be an invaluable tool for businesses. It looks aesthetically better than a rectangular dry-erase or traditional chalkboard, and it encourages more active involvement in brainstorming or trouble-shooting work sessions. 

Give each office room a chalkboard wall and see what happens. 

Applying Chalkboard Paint

The traditional rules of painting apply here. Clean the surface first, tape it off, prime the wall, then apply the chalkboard paint. This type of paint can be applied with brush or roller. Let the surface dry for three days. Once dry, rub chalk over the surface to make sure the chalkboard paint adhered properly.  

Cleaning Chalkboard Walls

Benjamin Moore Paints recommends using a damp cloth or paper towel instead of erasers. They also recommend using light-colored chalk. 

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