Concrete Floor Polishing and Safety Striping Project

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This floor was in disrepair from cracks and spalls which were in desparate need of repair. The floor had broken down from many years of use, and the concrete was also on the soft side which contributed to the degradation. This company had tried epoxy coating in the past, but chose polished concrete this time around to reduce maintenance costs while increasing clean-ability.

In some facilities, they dyed the concrete to better define and separate pedestrian traffic from fork truck traffic—the stripes really set the whole thing off. The floors dyed blue and orange are representative of this work. The non-dyed floors as seen in the video show the work in progress. 

At Lakeside Painting, we often combine concrete floor polishing and safety striping work, as typically this stuff is requested by our commercial and industrial customers. We think, and they agree, that the two processes look great together. 

Find out more about these processes by heading over to our Epoxy Floor Coating and Concrete Polishing pages.

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