Dry-Ice Blasting is Best Option for Cleaning Interior Masonry Block Wall Efflorescence

Friday, January 11, 2019

Over time, mineral and salt desposits develop on concrete, brick, stucco, and other natural stone surfaces. Known as efflorescence, these crystalline deposits initially form when the internal salt dissolves with the passage of time, leaving a white, chalky residue on a floor, wall, or other surface.

If a building shows signs of these deposits, removal will be necessary, followed by repainting and other maintenance work. In the last few years, Lakeside Painting has been seeing more and more efflorescence removal via dry-ice blasting across Wisconsin. Indeed, in the near future, our team will be blasting a 6,800-square foot space to remove efflorescence.

In order to remove these deposits certain procedures need to followed. The desired method for removal is dry-ice blasting. The images above show past dry-ice blasting work done by Lakeside. Dry-ice blasting can be compared to sand blasting and plastic blasting, but the pellets are softer and less dense than other abrasive media. The reason dry-ice blasting is the preferred method for the removal of efflorence, and to clean other surfaces, is that it can be used in a wide range of facilities, including those for food processing, automotive, aerospace, plastics, and other industries. And since dry-ice converts back to a gaseous state upon hitting a surface that is being cleaned, it leaves no secondary waste or chemical residues that require additional cleaning. 

Compared to some other blasting systems, dry-ice blasting is relatively easy to learn. Each Lakeside team members is required to undergo training for dry-ice blasting, and our employees are always quick and eager to learn a new skill. Part of the training includes knowledge of safety measures, including how to assemble up-to-date venilation systems as well as wearing safety goggles and durable gloves. 

If your industrial or commercial space requires dry-ice blasting, please get in touch with us over the phone at 262-642-9445, or email us at info@lakesidepainting.com

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