Final Wall Coating for Efflorescence Removal Project

Friday, February 22, 2019

This past month, we've talked about a multi-phase industrial facility project that involved both dry-ice blasting walls for efflorescence removal and the block filling of these very same walls. A few weeks ago we finished the last phase of the project: a final coating to protect the walls against any future efflorescence, and to make them look great aesthetically. 

Before we get to the discussion about the final coating, let's do a brief recap of the project, which had our crew travel to Racine, Wisconsin for a couple of weeks from late January to early February. 

As noted in previous blog posts on this project, we had to remove mineral deposits (efflorescence) from interior masonry block wall. All told, we had to blast block walls across a 6,800-square foot facility. We did this in four days, and might have finished sooner if not for inclimate weather. After removing the mineral deposits with the dry-ice blasting process, we moved on to the block filling phase. In total, we applied 40 gallons of block filler primer to the facility's three massive walls in one full, even coat. We did this work by spraying the block filler and also with some backrolling. Even at this stage, the facility was looking much improved. 

As expected, the application of the final coat went incredibly well. The customer opted for a coat of white paint for the walls, so our crew gave the facility a crisp, clean, and professional look. Through all three phases of the project, we came in under the originally budgeted time, which pleased our customer.

Be sure to check out images of the facility's final look in the slideshow above, which also features images of the dry-ice blasting and block filling. And if your industrial facility requires similar work, get in touch with Lakeside Painting over the phone at 262-642-9445, or email us at to discuss your project. 

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