Garage Makeovers: How We Redesign and Reorganize Your Space

Saturday, April 20, 2019

For decades, Lakeside Painting has been installing floor systems. And in that time, we've done a lot of work on garages. One of the services that we've increasingly been asked to do is garage makeover. 

In a garage makeover, we help customers change the entire look and organizational feel of the space, according to their tastes and needs. This involves a variety of services, which we're going to talk about briefly below. 

Paintings of Walls & Ceilings

While a garage makeover demands various areas of attention, painting of walls and ceilings is always a great place to start. Depending on the look you want, it can drastically change your garage's appearance. Some garages look great with darker colors, while others look snappy with lighter ones, as you can see in the slideshow above. 

Building and Painting of Cabinets

One of our very first services at Lakeside Painting was cabinetry. The company's founder and president, Joe Pangburn, learned the cabinetry trade as he was becoming a professional painter, so this type of work is firmly in our DNA. We can help homeowners design and install custom cabinets to store everything from athletic equipment to hunting and fishing gear, and everything in between. Cabinets will help keep your garage clean and organized. 

Installation of Drywall & Insulation

If your garage needs new drywall and insulation, we're happy to install these materials for you. Some garages may have suffered a beating over the years, while others never go the insulation or drywall in the first place. Whatever the case may be for your garage, we can get the walls and insulation up in no time. 

Electrical Install & Wiring

If your new or exiting garage needs electrical and wiring work, Lakeside Painting is also equipped to handle this installation. 

Each homeowner’s garage makeover needs will be different, and the look and function of each aspect of the garage will need to be fine-tuned. But, Lakeside Painting’s multi-faceted experience guarantees that each project can be handled properly from top to bottom.

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