Project Video: Hentzen Coatings Staircase Painting

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lakeside Painting is currently in the midst of a major industrial services-in-progress factory remodel project for Hentzen Coatings Inc. The Milwaukee company, which produces powder and liquid coatings for the military and aerospace industries, as well as for generators, storage tanks, handrails, and so on, recently moved into a 117,600-square-foot former metal fabricating plant, and Lakeside has been busy refinishing the concrete floors, the walls, the ceilings, staircases, and other features in the facility. (We showcase some of this work in the video below.)

While the walls are getting coated in multi-surface acrylic dry fall coating, we've been applying blue horizontal and parallel stripes to walls, and applying the blue paint to bottom halves of columns and the factory's six staircases. Instead of painting with a sprayer, we had a couple painters apply the coatings with a combination of rollers and brushes. 

As you can seen in the work-in-progress video below (and the slideshow above), the stairs transform from an old and drab coating of cream and black to a vibrant blue that stands out. Even with the detailed hand rolling and brushing, our painters made short work of the staircases. The results look great, particularly when viewed against the newly polished concrete floors, freshly painted walls and ceilings, and Hentzen's new lights, which are brighter but also far more energy efficient than the previous lighting system. 

If your factory or other commercial building needs similar painting work, whether it's staircases or other building features, then call Lakeside Painting at 262.642.9445 or email us at We can discuss whether your project requires paint rollers, brushes, or some other application technique. 


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