How Do I Clean a Paintbrush?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Do I Clean a Paintbrush?

Most anyone can get paint on a brush, but what do you do when it’s time to get paint off your brush? Below, we will go over some easy steps utilized by many painters for properly cleaning your brush.  The truth of the matter is paintbrushes are expensive; by properly caring for them you will get a better return on investment.  Keep reading for a great way to keep your brushes clean.

What kind of paint is it?
Are you using an oil paint or a latex paint? How you answer will affect what solution you’ll need to clean your brush. If you use latex paint cleaning will only require a mixture of warm water and some soap solution. Oil paint is tougher. Cleaning will require the use of paint thinner or mineral spirits. Remember this when reading the next section covering solutions.

Mix Your Solution
For your latex based paints, use a small container (a standard mop bucket does the trick) and fill it with warm water and a few teaspoons of liquid soap. Work the brush back and forth in the solution quickly for around half a minute. If you still notice paint in the brush repeat the process one more time. A quick rinse under the sink will then remove any traces of what paint might be leftover. For your oil paint solution, using protective gloves, fill your small container with a few inches of paint thinner or mineral spirits.  Lightly work your brush back and forth in the solution for around thirty seconds.  Gently push the brush against the sides of the container to wring out excess thinner then towel dry the brush. Since you will be working with thinner or mineral spirits always remember to properly dispose of those materials. They are flammable and toxic.

Dry it and store it.
Now that your brush is clean, you need to let it dry.  Hanging the brushes up and allowing them to air dry is a great way to properly dry a brush. If time is of the essence you need a paintbrush spinner. This tool spins liquid off the brush so it dries quickly. You can buy a paintbrush spinner at most home improvement stores. Once your brush is dry, place it in the protective sleeve it came in upon purchase.

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