How to Choose a Professional House Painter in Wisconsin

Monday, March 15, 2010

In Southeastern Wisconsin, one should always put great consideration into the painting company chosen for their next painting project.  The wise homeowner or professional will ask him or herself, “What am I looking for in a painter?”  Naturally, the quality of the work will undoubtedly stand first and foremost in the homeowner’s mind.  This is as it should be.  Selecting the right company is not only wise but also cost-effective.  A bad paint job may not reveal itself immediately, though it certainly will with time.  How can one make a more informed decision?  Knowing the three distinct types of painting companies is instrumental in the decision-making process.

Lakeside Painting, Inc., believes there are three type of painters: the “bucket & brush painter, the average professional and the consummate professional.


Bucket and Brush Painter

This painter will typically arrive in rusted-out car and sees painting as a means to make a quick buck.  For him painting is not so much a craft, but a task to be completed with as little dedication to quality and timeliness as possible without drawing attention to himself.  The signs of such a painter can be found in the random paint drips on the floors, carpet and windows.  The work will generally have a decent appearance, and his prices will be below the average.  Attractive no doubt, but deceptive.   However, he will not offer you a warranty; which is a big red flag.



The Average Professional

The Average Professional’s technique surpasses the Bucket & Brush painter, but his professionalism will be lacking.  Such professionals will have a staff of painters but no company vehicles, uniformed painters, no employee background checks, safety program, current insurance, occasional tardiness on the job and lack of communication both on the job but also with regard to phone calls.  This professional might not take into consideration your agenda when painting your project.  Another problem that tends to arise according to customers is that of the change order: the estimate that suddenly changes from one coat to two coats, or the inclusion of something overlooked in the initial estimate.  Suddenly, what had been the “cheaper” option has become more expensive in the end.  Pay attention to an estimate that might seem cheaper and discuss change orders and details up front.



The Consummate Professional

This is the painting contractor that we would have you choose for your home or business.  A true professional is detail-oriented and takes care to know every in and out of the job.  This paint company will typically charge a bit more in the estimate but for all the right reasons.  Change orders will be minimized.  The work will be backed by a good warranty.  High standards and honesty are placed at a premium within the consummate professional’s business.  Relationships are key.  Thus, the consummate professional thrives on excellent communication whether by phone or email.  He will listen carefully to the requests and needs of the customer; troubleshoot problems and identify their solutions; and will get the job done with an amazing staff of background-checked painters dedicated to craft. Always keeping the safety of the customer’s property and his employees first and foremost at all times.



If you make your home in Southeastern Wisconsin, you probably have many options for your home or business painting project.  Lakeside Painting, Inc., has been known for over thirty years for detailed orientated, quality craftsmanship in the field of painting.  Let our superior estimators and painters serve you the next time your home or office requires work.

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