Lakeside Painting Breaks Down the Importance of a Well-Developed Maintenance Plan

Friday, April 07, 2017

Creating a well developed coating maintenance plan

  • The US economy survived the recession of 2008 and luckily it continues to grow. However between the years of 2008-2011 many companies were forced to reduce or eliminate their facility maintenance budget. The choice to eliminate the budget has undoubtedly affected the well-being of these companies. It’s important to establish and maintain a maintenance plan—below Lakeside Painting explains why.

The Risk

  • Pushing industrial coatings beyond their lifetime is a gamble. Corrosion from the earth’s elements will inevitably take its toll leaving equipment, structured steel, and interior/exterior concrete floors to deteriorate and become structurally deficient. The issues can be catastrophic resulting in significant costs in repairs, materials and unplanned facility downtime.


  • A well-developed and thought-out maintenance program under the right direction will save your company time and money. A proactive facility manager is important—he or she meet with professional industrial painting contractors to discuss when coatings were last applied and complete on-going plant inspections.

Identifying Corrosion

  • Corrosion will result in loss of structural integrity; the location of corrosion may identify a failing coating system and/or poor design and construction. Sometimes these problems can be addressed without removing or replacing the building’s structure. However, routine cleaning accomplished by sand or dry ice blasting needs to be put in place—these processes will both remove corrosion and old paint coatings as well as prep for a new fresh coating application. 


  • The exterior structure of a facility reflects the company’s integrity; it provides the first impression to investors, clients and employees. In order to sustain growth and prosperity the company’s physical structure needs to be well-maintained. Adequate facility fading, chalking, checking, tuck-pointing and staining all play a significant role in the upkeep of a company’s physicality.

Safety Identification

  • Safety marking is a major component to facility maintenance. Providing well-marked walking and fork-truck lanes is a focus for many facilities. Color-coded piping systems help to identify pipes and eliminate injury. While the application of epoxy floor coatings and/or concrete floor polishing can reduce slipping and protect concrete from extreme elements. Furthermore, with the help of color identification first aid stations and fire extinguishers are easy to locate.


  • Facility maintenance is an all-encompassing concept that requires commitment. When the commitment is continually met the owner will undoubtedly witness results and save money on repairs and restructuring. 
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