Lakeside Painting Makes Wall Covering Removal and Application Easy

Friday, September 22, 2017

Wall paper feels like a thing of the past, but like any other trend it has come full circle. Designers are getting creative with different techniques of wall covering, however traditional methods are still widely used. If you would like to give a room in your home or office a paintless makeover follow these steps.


First, do some research and look through pictures online or in magazines. I good source for inspiration is Pinterest, especially for DIY projects. Other sources are:,,, After researching is finished check out:,, to source wall coverings. 


If old wall paper exists find out whether it is: fabric, paper, or vinyl. Fabric paper is the easiest to remove; all you will need is water and soap. Paper wall covering needs a little more water and soap or vinegar and a good scraper. Vinyl wall covering is the hardest to remove; detergent, water and a scraper will be necessary. There is a chance sand paper may be needed to smooth areas of the wall after vinyl removal. Try and pull the paper off in one step on a 45 degree angle. You may need an extra set of hands at this point. Below is a list of supplies needed: 

spray bottle of water
spray bottle of water/white vinegar
dry cloths
drop clothes for scrapings 
a friend/coworker
mild soap/detergent


Before you can apply a new covering be sure to fill all holes and cracks with spakle. After the wall is washed apply a primer. While you're waiting for the primer to dry, measure your walls and cut out the paper. Add the adhesive to the back of the wall covering, apply the wall covering, and run a dry paint roller over top the paper so that it sticks and stays in place. Repeat this process until the room is finished. 

If you have any questions or are in need of wall covering at your home or office contact:

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