Lakeside Customers: Thanks for Your Patience in the Rainy, Cold Spring!

Friday, June 20, 2014

To our customers waiting patiently here’s a shout-out: THANK YOU!

I really cannot believe it, but in over thirty years of painting here in Wisconsin, this has been the coldest and rainiest spring I have ever experienced. Just last week we completed our first commercial building exterior of 2014. This particular project was started and power-washed in early April. If you follow my blogs, I wrote one at that time stating “Exterior Painting Season Was Finally Here” and it was late then! Well, I was wrong: it took another month before we could start in earnest.

We've been blessed with a lot on interior projects to fill the gap. However, it has put our schedule in a tailspin, to say the least.  We were rained out for two days last week. I hope the farmers are happy, but I bet they could use some sunshine, too.  

We have a good backlog of work and are all hoping for a nice dry, not-to-hot summer with a long dry fall. Let's throw in an Indian Summer as well, and we're on a roll.

Thanks again for being patient. We are doing our best to get to your projects…


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