Lakeside Painting Wins Family Business Award

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lakeside Painting has been family-owned and operated for years despite conventional wisdom that suggests it is too difficult.

Recently, Lakeside Painting won the Family Business Award from Summit Services, Inc., held October 7th and 8th in Boston, MA.

Summit Services, Inc., was founded in 2003 to help guide small businesses through marketplaces and help enhance profitability, as well as to serve as a platform through which various painting contractors could discuss community involvement with their businesses.

Lakeside has been member of Summit Services for over three years.  We believe the consultants at Summit have played a large role in our continued success.

For almost two decades now Lakeside Painting has operated as a family business, with Jerry Garlock (a brother-in-law of Lakeside President Joe Pangburn) rising up through the ranks from painter to foreman and now estimator. More recently, Lakeside brought in Joe’s wife, Kim Pangburn, to handle administrative and public relations tasks in the office.

Conventional wisdom usually suggests that family businesses succumb to certain stresses unique to its kind.  That they often cannot operate as smoothly as businesses built upon non-familial connections.

We at Lakeside Painting are happy to prove this presumption incorrect, as we have been thriving as a family-run businesses for decades and continue to even now as the economy recovers from a massive recession.

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