Maintaining an Epoxy Floor

Monday, April 24, 2017

In the last few months LPI has posted a few blogs about the durability of epoxy floors and we have broken down how to achieve them. For this post we would like to focus on the maintenance of an excisting epoxy floor. Consistent care of the floor is undoutbedly important—it helps keep facilities clean and repairs down. One of the bonuses of choosing an epoxy floor is that waxing the floor is no longer necesary, but upkeep is still important. If you have a epoxy floor use this list as a guide to maintain healthy epoxy floors.

  • Sweep floors daily
  • Mop floors 2-3 times a week with a light detergent (be sure to test the detergent first on a preferably hidden area, strong cleaners can be harmful to some epoxy finishes)
  • Be diligent with chemical, wax, food, and liquid spills—make sure to clean them up immediately
  • Touch up or recoat highly trafficked areas

If you have any questions about expoxy floors be sure to contact us at: or visit our epoxy floor page that can tell you more about the service.

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