Making Christmas Decorations With Recycled Paint Cans and Brushes

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Now that we are in full holiday season, we here at Lakeside Painting are getting festive. Much like we did for East Troy's Halloween trick or treat night, we created a seasonal display outside our building on the town's historic downtown square. Inspired by the Halloween effort, longtime Lakeside employee Sandy Halkin suggested we do the same for the holidays. So, Kim Pangburn took up the project and put a ton of Christmas spirit into it. 

Envisioning a Christmas display with a playful nod to the painting profession, Kim designed a Christmas tree-shaped stack of silver paint cans festooned with red bows and a silver star sitting atop it. Working off Kim's vision, longtime Lakeside foreman Patrick Boyle, his son Max, and Lakeside employee Steve Abbott welded dozens of paint cans into the shape of a Christmas tree right out in front of the Lakeside building, and attached the red bows. On either side of the tree sit two festive paint can planter arrangements, which Smoky Gardinier welded together. 

But the holiday decorationing didn't stop there. Kim designed several paint can covers outfitted with Christmas decorations—some with Santa Claus faces, others with red snowflakes. Once again, Patrick brought the artistic vision to life through some crafty welding. He also hung a sign over the decorations that reads "Let It Shine With Lakeside." Kim also designed and crafted cute little Santa Claus decorations out of paint brushes. 

With lots of creativity and hard work from all, the Lakeside decorations were assembled just in time to adorn the square for Santa Claus’s arrival on December 1st.

We hope you enjoy the decorations as much as we delighted in making them! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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