Nursery Colors: Which Ones to Consider

Friday, November 12, 2010

Many people opt for the usual Baby Blue and Pink for their nursery, but consider some other colors to set your nursery apart from other homes

In Southeastern Wisconsin, Lakeside Painting sees a range of colors for nurseries, but a few homeowners still opt for blue and pink.  This is natural, as it is an American tradition.  However, while these colors are quite natural in a nursery, they aren’t exactly imaginative.  More and more homeowners want to mix it up a little bit but they are unsure of which colors to use.


A color usually not associated with nurseries is green.  Green will bring the nursery the look of nature—a very organic feel.  It’s a particularly good idea if your home is in an urban environment.  Some opt for a paler green for girls and a more vibrant green for boys, but this isn’t necessarily a rule.  It really depends on taste.  Combine the green walls with a cream-colored molding or trim, for instance, which will offset the color nicely.


Orange can also be used, though it is much more vibrant and active-looking.  If you don’t want to go all out with the orange, combine it with a white or cream color with wooden furniture.  If, however, you want the walls predominantly orange, be sure to check out a range of orange hues to see which one is most agreeable to your eyes.  There are hues ranging from creamy orange to yellow-orange, which will really pop. 



The picture on the right combines several hues of orange with subtle greens to create a nice sort of magical look to the nursery, which won’t need to be re-painted once the baby has grown up a bit.


Another very unlikely color for a nursery is white.  However, you’ll want to accent it with warmer or cooler colors as far as curtains and furniture are concerned.  Parents also infuse the white with yellow or beige to make it off-white.  It will warm the room up a bit but generally keep an overall white look to the room if that’s what it is desired.


We’ve also painted nurseries with a plum color, which is a very interesting choice.  Typically this color works best for a baby girl.  It has a very classic look about it but also evokes a sense of royalty, which some parents might enjoy for the baby.  Lavender can also be considered if you want to move away from the darker hue of plum and give the room a subtler look while maintainting the purple aesthetic.  Get creative and combine the lavender and plum colors.


There many, many colors which can be used for your nursery.  These are just a few.  If you want to discuss other possibilities, give Lakeside Painting a call at 262.642.9445 or email us at

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