Office Paint: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Products for an Office Repaint

Friday, February 23, 2018

Office Paint: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Products for an Office Repaint

When you make the decision to repaint your Milwaukee office, it is just the first of many decisions you’ll have to make for this project. One important aspect to consider is the office paint you will choose. Take a look at any paint store, and you will be overwhelmed by the variety of options. We have created a brief guide to help you select the right products for your upcoming paint job.

Choose the Right Color

One of the first things you have to decide when painting an office is what color you want the walls and trim to be. Experts have found that color selection can significantly impact productivity and moods. Creating a stimulating environment for your staff while enhancing your company’s image can be achieved through an engaging paint color.

You will need to consider what your clients will think of your paint choices and what message it conveys to them. Gone are the days when offices had to have to have neutral tones or just plain white. Now you can choose grays, taupe, pastels, or even bold hues to brighten your space and boost productivity.

Consider Sheen

Your paint finish is just as important as the color for interior paint. You’ll see a range of finishes, from matte to a glossy finish. Each one has its benefits, but not all are right for an office.

  1. Flat is low sheen, and it’s ideal for hiding imperfections on the walls and for low-traffic areas
  2. Matte has little luster and is easy to clean for moderate traffic
  3. Glossy is ideal for high-traffic areas or places which require frequent cleanup

If you aren’t sure which finish is best for your space, you can ask for guidance from a Wisconsin painting contractor. Experts like Lakeside Painting can point you to the most cost-effective and attractive option. Many times, you’ll use different finishes for your office depending on the room. For instance, a kitchenette and bathroom might use a paint with a high-gloss finish while a flat paint might be best in the copier room. Talking through these options with a contractor will help you feel confident in transforming your office space.

Benefits Of Primer

If you’re trying to cover dark walls with a light paint, you may need to use a primer. It’s also a good idea to prime the surface if the wall is bumpy or otherwise uneven. When you use a primer, you often don’t need as many coats of paint on the walls, which can save on both money and time for your office repaint.

Primer is also good at covering damage to walls. Minor scratches or stains can easily be hidden beneath a coat of primer. If you fail to use it before applying paint, you may discover that those stains and imperfections bleed through and show up even more clearly. Primer sets up your office repainting project for success.

Professional Help

If you’re busy running an office, you may not have time to spend in a paint store. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which paint will provide the best investment for your money. In this case, it is worth your time to talk to a professional painting company like Lakeside Painting to advise you on the best paint for your project.

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