Painting the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

Friday, January 26, 2018

Does your commercial building need a facelift or perhaps a makeover? Does this project seem daunting? Not to worry. Deciding on the right color is important and it should be taken seriously. Follow the tips below and hopefully they will shed light on the important process.

Sealing Cracks & Fixing Foundation

First, take into consideration the building; the structure effects how and if makeover is possible. Next, inspect the building and evaluate its condition. Is there any corrosion or foundational problems? Sealing cracks and power washing should be tackled before anything else.

Consider your environment 

After the foundation is considered take a look at the neighborhood. It's important that your building looks great and stands out, but it should also flow with its environment. 

Picking Colors

Choosing the right color is very important. Colors have meanings. If your colors are defined and you are staying true to your current branding then perhaps going monochromatic or picking two colors is the way to go. 

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