Painting Logos and Decals on Your Business Walls and Floors

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One of the best places to advertise your company is right at your feet. That's right, look down and imagine your company's logo on your factory floor or office space's common area. 

Lakeside Painting hand-paints logos and other decals on company floors and walls with a variety of colors, for both industrial flooring and commerical spaces. The service is part of our Epoxy Coating and Safety Striping service. 

As Lakeside President Joe Pangburn states, "We are often asked to hand-paint company logos or decals on flooring or walls. We've done this work for GE, RockTenn and Charter Automatic's logo in high-traffic areas, so people can see them, especially guests. Everything is done by hand: we copy and paint the logo with epoxy so that it's permanent."

Keep in mind, however, that hand-painting is fundamentally different than simply applying a vinyl graphic logo, which won't last.

We are not limited to logos, however. We can also hand-paint or stencil images or graphics that relate to your business's product(s). Read more about this in our blog "5 Ideas for Painting Office Walls."

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