Painting With Neutral Colors

Monday, November 15, 2010

In past blog posts, we’ve talked about the use of vibrant and dynamic colors to bring life to a room.  In this piece, we talk about using neutral colors.




For some homeowners, there might not be a desire for an ecstatic-looking yellow or orange.  Many Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners, like others across the country, want a paint job that utilizes a more neutral palette.


Neutral colors are not synonymous with a drab aesthetic.  It doesn’t mean that a room will lack a dynamic look.  On the contrary, neutral colors create entirely different aesthetics, ranging from classy and sexy to beauty and comfort.


We see a lot of homeowners opting for grays, particularly pale grays.  Pale grays are ideal if you have a lot of furniture and decorative items with a range of colors, like blues, creams or lavenders.  This color looks great with rooms decorated with wood that has an aged look to it.  In all honesty, gray looks good with nearly anything.


A cream color with a hint of tan will create a great look of beauty for any room.  It can also be paired with a range of colors from blues to greens.  Again, wooden furniture and plants look great with this type of color.


If you’re looking to give a room a quality that evokes spring, consider using spring green.  It has a bit more pop to it than other neutral colors, but it suggests budding trees and flowers, which is nice during the winter.  Spring green can be paired with whites, blacks and creams.


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