Renew Your Deck’s Look This Summer

Friday, July 01, 2011

Renew Your Deck’s Look This Summer

One of the oft-overlooked projects of the summer is refinishing an old deck or installing and putting a finish on a new one. Done right, it will give your outdoor activities such as barbeques or pool parties a classy look instead of any embarassing one that will cause homeowners to run for the hills.

The first thing that any homeowner must do is to clean the wood. On an old deck, it's often the case that mildew, dirt, rain and the sun's rays have dulled the wood's look. A paint professional will have several methods of cleaning the wood. Stain stripper and sanders might also have to be applied if there is stain build-up or hard to reach places containing stain from the previous application.

We often use wood brighteners when working on deck projects involving old wood in order to make it look new again, but also to infuse any lustre lost in the stripping process. Of course, a newly-installed deck might not need brightening, but always ask a paint professional for their opinion.

Once this step has been completed, move on to the staining. There are a range of stains on the market, with environmentally-friendly products that don't have any noxious fumes emanating from the solvent. Look for semi-transparent stains so that the wood grains are visible, unless of course you'd like to to completely block out the wood grain—in which case, we recommend using paint instead of a stain. And if stain is the desired look, a paint professional will be careful not to over-apply, which can lead to peeling and costs more money in the long run.

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