Spring Brings the Best Offers for Milwaukee-Area Exterior Painting Projects

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Spring isn't just about budding trees, flowers, the fresh smell in the air, and that extra hop in your step. As painting companies like Lakeside Painting attempt to fill out their spring schedules, the best deals can be had for your next exterior painting project.

As Lakeside Painting's President, Joe Pangburn, states, "Smart shoppers save money when companies want to fill out their schedule. I offer my best prices when I am hungry."

Joe notes, however, that "being aware of early spring offers should, of course, be followed up by common sense. Customers should speak with the painting professionals themselves, and ask to see recent work and what type of guarantees are offered. A professional will stand behind his work, and customers will sense that immediately."

Once the schedule is almost full, pricing strategies become bolder; which makes the next month or so the ideal time to start thinking about your exterior painting project.

As Joe adds, "Being first in line can be worth the effort sometimes. You get the best seats in the stadium if you act early. Once the event is sold out, the prices are always higher."

This goes for homeowners, as well as commercial and industrial businesses. Lower prices for a large exterior project—a manufacturing plant, for instance—will really benefit the business.

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