Staining and Painting a Log Cabin Home in Lauderdale Lakes, Wisconsin

Friday, June 07, 2019

For a recent residential project, Lakeside Painting tackled an old log cabin home in the Lauderdale Lakes area of Southeastern Wisconsin. Originally built by the current homeowner's father in the late 1970s, the home is made of raw cedar logs. Renovation on this project involved a few different processes. 

First of all, new windows and frames were installed in the home, so we had to stain the frames to match the patina of the old raw cedar logs that were used to originally construct the home. We custom-matched the stain to the patina, then applied it until we achieved a uniform look. And to protect the new wood and stain from the harsh Wisconsin winters, we applied a dull sealer. Next, we applied a fresh coat of paint to the walls to match the original color. 

Overall, the project went very smoothly. Tucked in a quiet corner of Pleasant Lake, this log cabin home will look great for generations to come. 

If your home, whether it be a log cabin or not, needs a new coat of stain and/or paint, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lakeside Painting. Call us at 262-642-9445 or email us at

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