The Surprising Versatility of Polished Concrete

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Surprising Versatility of Polished Concrete

The idea of concrete floors may seem odd for homeowners and even for some Wisconsin businesses, compared to other flooring options. However, polished concrete floors are showing up in many places because they are not only practical, but versatile and beautiful as well. They destroy the myth that concrete is for industrial use only or that it’s cold and uninviting.

What Makes Polished Concrete So Versatile?

You’ll discover several benefits of choosing polished concrete for your floors. It’s one of the most durable materials and strong enough to withstand heavy traffic, making it an ideal choice for many businesses and even home use. Polished concrete flooring doesn’t have to look like traditional concrete. It comes in a variety of colors and stains and can be polished to whatever sheen you desire.

Another reason this type of flooring is so versatile is because it’s low maintenance. All you need is a damp mop. No need to wax or add new sealant over the life of the floor. You also don’t have to be concerned that spills will stain concrete, since it’s generally stain-resistant.

You can do almost as much with concrete as with other flooring materials. For instance, it can be dyed with special concrete dyes to create a vibrant color. This process is fast and easy to complete. The result makes the flooring part of the décor and even a focal point of the room.

Just like with wood and tile floors, you can create patterns from polished concrete. Whether you want the pattern engraved into the material, cut or even stenciled, you can design a unique look for any floor.

Design Options for Polished Concrete

This type of flooring is often seen in East Troy businesses, but it’s becoming a more popular choice in homes as well. You might be surprised to find that polished concrete goes with numerous design themes.

One of the reasons this material is chosen is because it’s more affordable than marble or granite, but it provides the same brilliance. In offices and retail spaces, polished concrete portrays a professional image in a room that is clean and bright because the light reflects off the floor.

Other materials such as glass or even metal can be added to the concrete mix when it’s poured. These materials will float to the top and be part of the design element when the concrete floor is completed. Seashells, nails, or stones can help create a distinct look which represents your personal taste.

To get the right look for your custom polished concrete floor, you’ll want to consult with an expert. They can help you come up with ideas about how you want your floor to look and advise you on the process, plus ensure the results are the way you imagined.

Whether you’re designing for an office space, a store, or your own home, polished concrete floors can offer numerous benefits and enhance any theme. Consider this type of flooring for your project – it will last a lifetime and be a beautiful addition to any space.

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