Things Found While Polishing Concrete Floors

Monday, April 23, 2018

For the last several months, Lakeside Painting has been deep in the midst of a massive industrial factory makeover. The Milwaukee facility, now owned by Hentzen Coatings, Inc., has required several types of work, from painting ceilings and walls to coating staircases, doors, and pieces of equipment. But perhaps the biggest project we've been involved at Hentzen is the polishing of all of the facility's concrete floors. This, in and of itself, has been a very considerable undertaking. 

When polishing concrete floors, you occasionally find odd things. Sometimes our guys find them while polishing with the robotic grinders; othertimes they see them while on their hands and knees filling cracks or polishing hard-to-reach corners. At Hentzen, it's been no different. 

Recently, we found a couple of random objects encased in the concrete. In the main factory floor area of the Hentzen facility, we saw an old and long nail. It was only revealed once we ground off the top layer of concrete. And upon polishing the floor with successive passes, it now has a brilliant chrome sheen.

In a separate room near one of the facility's corners, one of our painters found what looks to be a fossil of some unknown invertebrate. What's funny is that while this object was randomly found, the painter who discovered the fossil forgot its exact location. So when we came into get a photograph of these random finds, we had to rediscover the fossil, so to speak—which was pretty fun. 

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