Transforming a Child’s Bedroom Mural Into a Young Adult Space

Friday, March 31, 2017

If a family lives in a home long enough, eventually their child's bedroom colors or murals will be painted over as they grow into young adults. This was the case in a recent interior project, where we gave a more grown-up look to a young adult's room, painting over a mural depicting that magical moment from Disney's classic animated film The Lion King, where Simba is famously raised into the air. (See the transformation in the slideshow above.)

This multi-wall mural was really an excellent piece of work. It effectively put the child inside The Lion King's world, mirroring their birth and growth with that of Simba's journey. This immersive mural nurtured the child's imagination, but the homeowners wanted to transform the room into something more suitable for the young adult. 

Enter longtime Lakeside foreman Darren Brewer.

To begin transforming the walls, Darren sanded the mural to prevent it from telegraphing through the new coat of paint. Next, he applied two coats of Spring Green paint. The hope is that this new coat will create a blank canvas upon which the young adult can really let their imagination bloom. The green is fresh and bright, providing a clean and crisp backdrop to a number of accent colors. 

While painting over the mural was a melancholic moment for the parents as well as us, we imagine that the kid is excited to get the "Big Kid" transformation. 

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