Using Classical Paintings for Interior Paint Inspiration

Monday, December 04, 2017

Fall and winter are a time of reflection, humans spend more time indoors–thus, time for DIY projects–time for a new interior paint project. Before the labor begins one must find inspiration.

Colors of 2018

Researching color trends is a good place to start. According to Elle Home, Sherwin Williams' colors for 2018 are black and subdued pastels, especially millennial pink. Millenial pink is very popular, even Le Creuset has a millennial pink collection including dutch ovens, pots, and french presses (find pictures in slideshow above for reference). While Sherwin Williams is choosing to contrast pops of black with light, soft colors, Benjamin Moore is calling for a deep red to be the statement of 2018. 

Classical Paintings as Inspiration

Here at Lakeside Painting we find a combination of all three to be pleasing to the eye. Now that the colors are picked out finding the right hue or shade is the next thing to do. Try looking online and also in books and magazines. Referencing and pursuing old paintings, especially classical paintings is extremely helpful as their color combinations are generally flawless. In the slideshow you will find artwork from the 1700-1900s. Use these images as tools to pull colors for any room or even office that is in need of a makeover.

Two of the images for inspiration are also holiday cards from the 1890s.

In order: 

1. Suhara, from The Sixty-nine Stations of Kisokaido - Utagawa Hirshige, 1838

2. Lovers - Paul Klee, 1920

3. Lotus Pattern Frame - Theodore Roussel, 1897-99

4. A Happy New Year, from the New Years Series - Kinney Brothers, 1890

5. A Happy New Year, from the New Years Series - Kinney Brothers, 1890

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