Wallpaper of the Week: Basso & Brooke ‘Chinoise: Blue & Gold’

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wallpaper of the Week: Basso & Brooke ‘Chinoise: Blue & Gold’

In Lakeside Painting's latest installment of "Wallpaper of the Week," we take a look at Basso & Brooke's wallpaper Chinoise: Blue & Gold.

Bruno Basso & Christopher Brooke are the pioneers of the digital print process in fashion. In fact, the designers have a piece archived in the Metropolitan Museum of New York’s Costume Institute—the first digitally printed piece in their permanent collection. Indeed, they've been called "the Pixar of of clothes."

For those looking to get some of their cutting edge design inside their homes, they can now do so because the duo teamed with Graham & Brown to launch their first wallpaper collection, which is full of bold patterns and dynamic colors. 

The design we have to today is Chinoise: Blue & Gold, which is a blue wallpaper arranged in an exotic floral fattern of far east flower. As the Graham & Brown website notes, the wallpaper is paste the wall, so it hangs in half the time of normal decorating. The design is also available in seven other colors.

This wallpaper would be perfect for those homeowners with more artistic inclinations. 

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