Wallpaper of the Week:  F. Schumacher’s ‘Go Baroque - Noir & Blanc’

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wallpaper of the Week:  F. Schumacher’s ‘Go Baroque - Noir & Blanc’

In Lakeside Painting's latest series Wallpaper of the Week, we profile everything from the far-out and baroque to the environmentally and kid-friendly, and everywhere else in between.

We here at Lakeside Painting love wallpaper and the art of wallcovering. It takes a deep knowledge of color theory, interior design, patterning and technique to deliver to the customer a quality wallpaper job.

What we've seen in the last few years is an explosion in the varieties of wallpapers. What once was the province of boardrooms and hotels (and the Victorian mansion if we go even further back in time) is now a household trend. And for good reason—it looks fantastic. That is, with the proper design and application, of course.

One of the more interesting designs that we've come across in our recent internet searches is F. Schumacher Wallpaper's "Go Baroque - Noir & Blanc." 

"Go Baroque" might be a rather bad pun if one interprets it as "go broke." We're taking F. Schumacher at their word that it means simply going for a "Baroque" design, which is apparent in the very classical design in black and white color scheme. The width is 27" with the horizontal repeat 27" and the vertical repeat 32". 

The price per roll is $97.50. As such, it would work well for a single room, like a dining room or study, instead of the entire house.

If you have any other questions on wallcovering and wallpaper designs, please give Lakeside Painting a call at 262.642.9445 or email us at info@lakesidepainting.com.

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