Wallpaper of the Week: Flavor Paper - Onda

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wallpaper of the Week: Flavor Paper - Onda

This week's "Wallpaper of the Week" comes from Brooklyn-based wallpaper design boutique Flavor Paper, which we've covered before in a past "Wallpaper of the Week" for the boutique's Chinatown Tile. Obviously, we like these guys a lot—they are the Willa Wonkas of wallpaper.

The selection this time is "Onda," a design which replicates to a degree the work of famed Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, who is known for several works of art, but perhaps mostly for The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a woodblock print and an example of ukiyo-e art at its finest. 

Flavor Paper's interpretation doesn't greatly depart from Hokusai's print, but there is a noticeable digital look to this wallpaper. It's a great example of appropriating art for another medium—in this case, art for a bedroom or even a study. This paper would require a homeowner or business owner with a sense of boldness, and perhaps an obsession with Japanese artwork.

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