Wallpaper Walls With Newspapers and Magazines

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wallpaper Walls With Newspapers and Magazines

Thinking of wallpapering your walls but not really interested in vintage or modern designs? Think alternatively. 

We here at Lakeside Painting have helped customers achieve a unique look by covering home and business walls with paper and text. For instance, in one customer's bathroom we applied old newspapers to the walls. Wallpaper paste will work just fine for adhesion, but it's best to cover the layers of newspaper with a clear paint to hold it all together and protect it from wear and tear. 

Get creative with the newspaper you use. If you love New York City, find old or new copies of The New York Times. If you want art-theme newpaper text and images, dig around in old and new newspaper Arts & Entertainment sections. Pick a theme and go with it. You could fill an entire wall with old newspaper illustrations as well, or pick out various words that you like. The possibilities are pretty limitless. And if the newspaper was recently published, you could stain it to look vintage. 

Another possibility is to take old and new magazine images and paste them to your walls. A Swedish graphic design company, for instance, cover its walls in the spines of magazine. It's almos a clever nod back to one's childhood, when when we all taped images and text on walls walls, but doing it in a much more professional and visually attractive way now. 

An added bonus is that using old paper products is environmentally friendly!

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