Warm Interior Paint Colors Beat the Winter Blues

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Warm Interior Paint Colors Beat the Winter Blues

Perhaps it's too early to be thinking of the winter blues here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Fall only recently passed and winter has just arrived. Nevertheless, there are those among us who dread the winter and long for the days of summer's green and yellow vibrancy, or fall's multitude of changing colors. Outside of embracing lots of snowfall, biting breezes and barren trees by way of winter sports (snowshoeing, fishing and skiing), we here at Lakeside Painting like to recommend an interior color change to your home or business in the Milwaukee area. 

Choosing a Warm Color for Winter

Warm color hues are multitudinous. It's simply a quesiton of style and taste. That is, which colors fit best with one's aesthetics, psyche and the style demanded by furnishings. 

Obviously, a yellow hue will brighten a room, bringing a summery feel to the atmosphere. But yellow is quite a dynamic color, not always appropriate for the look of a room. Oranges are a great alternative. They don't pop nearly as much as yellow (unless it's a bright orange), and they're quite a bit more versatile with furnishings, especially if one has a penchant for vintage furniture and such. Reds are another natural alternative to yellow. And, like orange, their versatility is strong. We here at Lakeside Painting like a deep or crimson red for rooms. The upside to a darker orange or red is that it will warm the room up without illuminating the space the way a yellow will. Keep that in mind when selecting your warm color. 

Check out our blog post on Mexicana, Lime Green and Forsythia Blossom for some offbeat, creative but warm interior paint colors. 

Which Rooms to Paint?

Ah, this is the trick. A whole-sale interior re-paint may not be necessary; unless of course the entire home or business is in need of it. Some home and business owners may just want to paint a few rooms. Either way, it's sensible to select the rooms that get the most use: living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Hallways, wash rooms and bathrooms won't likely need a paint job, and neither will children's or guest rooms (unless your child requests a warmer color). And for those who have a work room or library at home, these are also great areas for warm paint colors to take away the winter blues. 

To see more options, check out our Residential Interior Services page.

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