Why Does the Food and Beverage Industry Favor Cementitious Urethane

Friday, September 29, 2017

Back in July Lakeside Painting published a blog post that defined cementitious urethane flooring and explained what industries use it; the food and beverage industry being the main one. Picking the correct floor coating for a restaurant or food facility should be taken seriously. Floors in said areas undergo consistent wear and tear and are highly trafficked. They also endure hot steam applications, cleaning detergents and food spillage not to mention they are breeding grounds for bacteria. Due to all of these components a strong, durable floor coating is necessary; cementitious urethane is a great option. Here's why: 

Cementitious Urethane:

Cementitious urethane is a high performance floor coating composed of Portland cement, water, aggregate, and other fine materials. Also referred to as “urethane concrete” or “urethane mortar.”  

Why Food/Beverage Industry favors CU: 

It is one of the most stable, reliable, and long-lasting floor systems available for those in the food and beverage manufacturing and distribution industry. It allows for high temperatures steam cleaning to avoid bacteria buildup. Unlike epoxy floor coatings which soften and crumble over time when exposed to high water temperatures. Another reason CU is favored in the food and beverage industry is because business can return to service faster; it cures and drys at rapid speeds. Thus, a facility that would normally close for 4-6 days with an epoxy coating, only needs to be closed for 2-3 days.  


-more expensive than epoxy 
-large crew needed for application
-similar prep work to epoxy flooring: cleaning, grinding and patching
-withstands hot steam water for cleaning
-allows for a fast return to service 

The pictures above show LPI being trained by Duraflex. A floor coating company. They require certification in order to use their products. Stay tuned for the next blog posts that highligts Duraflex products and their training process.

If you are in need of cementitious urethane flooring please contact us at: info@lakesidepainting.com

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