Commercial or a Residential Painter? Do You Have to Choose?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

You have a painting job that you need to get done. It may be for your commercial space, a rental house, or another type of property. You want the end result to look professional and to meet your standards, but you’re not sure whether to go with a commercial painter or a painter who is an expert in residential properties. The answer? You want someone who is experienced in both.

Why Choose a Commercial Painter?

A Milwaukee commercial painting company offers many benefits when painting a commercial or rental property. They understand the impact that paint has on your brand and potential customers. Even a property manager, landlord, or real estate investor cares about the way their property looks.

Imagine that you are renting a unit in a duplex or that you have a single-family home for rent. Potential tenants see the property and develop ideas about the owner and what it would be like to live there based on its curb appeal.

In a commercial space, customers look at retail stores and determine the quality of the merchandise based on how the property looks. Faded and chipped paint will deter potential customers from visiting your store. Even a plain, well-kept property will create a more positive image than one that has fallen into disrepair. If you add some color and details to the property to make it look more appealing, you’ll increase interest.

Hiring a commercial painting company also ensures that they know the standards and requirements for painting in a commercial space. They can work around your business hours and limit the impact the work will have on customers. Commercial painters get the job done with as little interruption as possible – and on time.

What a Residential Painter Has to Offer

Painting companies that provide residential painting services offer a unique perspective for customers as well. They often know specific neighborhoods and can help you create a property of value. They may be familiar with popular colors for various time periods if you have a historical home to renovate.

Residential painters recognize common issues with homes and can identify problems quickly when creating a quote. They understand the importance of addressing carpentry repairs such as rotted fascia boards, damaged trim, and doors and windows that need replaced before the paint job can start.

A residential painter knows how to satisfy a property owner with high quality work. With residential painting jobs, the ultimate goal is the owner’s satisfaction. Property owners aren’t generally worried about what others think unless they are trying to sell the property. Instead, they want a property that fits in with how they think it should look. Sometimes, they may not even have a clear idea of what they want. They rely on the painter to come up with recommendations for colors or design themes.

A commercial painter understands that design and paint is all about the image a business portrays. A residential painter recognizes the value in satisfying the customer’s needs and wishes in the work they do.

Instead of searching for two different professional painters, you can choose to work with Lakeside Painting, a Wisconsin painting company that is experienced in both commercial and residential painting. Let us help you achieve the results you want for your commercial or personal space.

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