Create a Timeless Look for Your East Troy Home

Friday, May 04, 2018

Whether you’re decorating for yourself or updating to resell a property, timeless designs are the best way to go. They won’t appear outdated in a few short years. Unlike trends that only appeal to a narrow range of buyers, styles that are timeless usually hold wide approval. It’s important to know what a timeless look or classic design is for your East Troy home.

Consider the Architecture

The interior of a home should complement the exterior. It should fit in with whatever era and style defines the house. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to look for furniture and accents that were popular in another era, but you may want to think about what colors and materials were in style. A prime example is when choosing wood floors. You want to consider what type of wood was popular in the time the house was built. If you own a more modern property, you’ll want to think about styles that are popular now but not too trendy. For instance, oak flooring has been around for centuries, so it’s a timeless material.

Go Natural for a Timeless Look

Whether it’s paint colors or materials, natural products never seem to go out of style. Choose from wood, stone and brick for your home’s features and fibers like cotton and silk for draperies and other textiles. When choosing colors to paint your walls, select shades that are classic. White, taupe, cream, beige, and other neutral colors create a timeless image for a space. While gray is a more modern addition to the neutral color palette, it fits in because it also enhances the timeless image you’re seeking.

Less is More

One of the most important elements of a timeless design is function. Everything that is part of the room is there because it serves a purpose. You won’t find a lot of ornate décor in a timeless home. Instead, it will resist the trend towards excess. This doesn’t mean the rooms are boring. In fact, quite the opposite is true. They are sophisticated even though they are understated. The style will adapt to changes in your design theme. There’s nothing wrong with putting a contemporary or antique twist on your décor, but the overall design doesn’t call to any specific era. When you remove pictures from the wall and other accents, you’ll see a design that is at home in any time period. Avoid patterns or bold colors to create a timeless look in your home. If you do want to add a pattern, stick with those that hold vast appeal, such as stripes geometrical shapes, and soft florals. Make sure the pieces fit in the room and aren’t too large or small. If you like the look of antique furniture, incorporate it into other styles so that it becomes classic. A home with a timeless look is one you will enjoy spending time in. You’ll find it relaxing and invigorating at the same time. If you’re looking to create this classic style in a specific room or your entire house, begin with the right paint and talk to a professional Wisconsin painting company to get started.

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