Dream Career Checklist: Accomplish It with Lakeside Painting

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If you’re thinking of switching careers or just starting out on a new path, you want to find something you’ll enjoy doing for the next 20, 30 or 40 years. The idea of a dream job is often forgotten in the rush to find a career that will pay the bills and give you some kind of financial stability.

Professional painter can be a dream career. If you’ve never thought about this industry, there are numerous reasons to consider it. Check off the items on your checklist with a career at Lakeside Painting.

Do You Like Variety?

If you like working on a variety of projects instead of the same thing day in and day out, professional painting could be the right career choice. Lakeside Painting is a professional Wisconsin painting company that provides numerous services like exterior painting, interior painting, commercial and residential jobs. If you like the idea of each project being different from the last, this might be the career choice for you.

Do You Want to Promote?

Most people like the idea of being able to promote within a company over time. If you have goals to progress your career, a professional painting company may be the right place. You can start out as a painter and work your way up to foreman. You would go from just painting to planning projects, organizing crews and completing the job on deadline with Lakeside Painting. Not only will you continue to learn new skills in the painting industry, your supervisor skills could translate to many other fields as well.

Do You Like to Be Creative?

People who are creative may not think of a painting career. It may look like all you do is use a paint brush or roller and cover blank walls. However, many homeowners and commercial property owners don’t know what they want. They come to Lakeside Painting and ask for advice. You get the opportunity to recommend colors and types of paint to help them create the space they want. Many painting companies work with a range of materials. You may paint decks, floors and furniture in your job.

Do You Want a Job That is Reliable?

People are always going to need their homes and businesses painted. Most won’t want to do it themselves. They will pay others, like Lakeside Painting, to do the task for them. While there is some variance based on season, you can expect steady work with a career as a commercial or residential painter. Even in the winter when it’s too cold to paint outside, you can take on interior painting projects and other small jobs. You can depend on a regular income from one year to the next when you work as a professional painter.

If these traits sound like your dream job, you may discover that becoming a professional painter is the right career path. Work with an elite painting company in Milwaukee and other areas of Wisconsin when you apply at Lakeside Painting. You just may find that painting for homeowners and businesses is the best career choice you made.

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