Beautify Your Building with an Exposed Structural Ceiling Paint Job

Monday, July 03, 2017

Exposed beams and the like are becoming quite fashionable in the interior design industry. Similarly, adding color to a ceiling is now considered trendy. It makes a dramatic statement and adds an element of surprise to any room. A ceiling painted by professional painters can give any room a new look and even make a room look larger or smaller. The benefits of painting an exposed structural ceiling in a commercial or industrial setting are similar to those associated with painting a residential setting. Let the experts at Lakeside beautify your building with an exposed structural ceiling paint job.

Benefits of a Painted Ceiling

As mentioned before, a painted ceiling is now considered fashionable and trendy. Painting a ceiling updates and modernizes the feel of any room. A light-colored ceiling coupled with darker walls will make the room appear larger than what it is; light-colored ceilings add depth to the room. Conversely, a large room can be made to feel warmer by painting the ceiling a dark hue and leaving the walls a bit lighter.

In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, some ceilings are painted to prevent or slow the process of corrosion. This is particularly common in areas of high humidity, including indoor swimming facilities. Painted exposed structural ceilings are also common in facilities where harsh chemicals and acids pose a threat to steel ceilings.

The Basics

The Paint

Selecting which type of paint to utilize when painting a ceiling is important. One of the most popular choices is dry fall ceiling paint. This kind of paint contains an additive that makes the paint droplets dry quickly. If the area is over ten feet tall (which most commercial and industrial buildings are), the paint will be completely dry when it hits the ground. Afterward, all you have to do is sweep or vacuum up the dry overspray.

Another well-liked option for ceiling painting is electrostatic paint. Electrostatic spray painting is a process whereby positively charged paint is sprayed onto a negatively charged metal surface. The opposite charges result in a magnetic attraction that draws the paint particles toward the desired surface.

The Prep Work

Under normal circumstances, painting a ceiling would require a lot of prep work. This applies in particular to a residential setting. You would need to cover the contents of the entire room, and tape would have to be applied to the conjunction of the ceiling and the walls to ensure a straight and even line. While this may not be a necessary step for a professional painter, it would be for a DIYer.

However, thanks to the advanced technology in Lakeside’s arsenal, when we paint a ceiling, this type of prep work is almost entirely eliminated. As mentioned before, our preferred methods for painting ceilings result in minimal cleanup. For that reason, we can quickly and efficiently beautify your building with an exposed structural ceiling paint job. That means that there will be little to no interruption of your regular business hours.

Our painting contractors have been in business for over 30 years. We live for providing exceptional results and customer service throughout Wisconsin and select Midwest cities. If you have an exposed structural ceiling that needs a paint job, give Lakeside a try. Call us today, or fill out our form to request a free estimate

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