Exterior Residential Painting: How to Select Colors that Complement Your Home

Monday, April 16, 2018

It’s spring in Wisconsin, and that means many homeowners are thinking about updating their homes with new exterior paint. One of the most important, fun, and challenging aspects of an exterior residential painting project is choosing the colors. Even though the paint doesn’t have to be permanent, you want it to last for several years, so the color scheme should be something you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

Exterior Paint Colors: It’s About More than Personal Preference

You can decorate the rooms inside your home in any color you want, but you don’t want to follow that same idea for the exterior. For one thing, it costs more to paint the exterior and it should last longer. Other people will see your home as they pass by. You should look at painting the exterior of your Milwaukee home as protecting your investment. The colors you choose should enhance the value. What this means for you is the color should fit in with the style and age of the home as well as the rest of the property and even the neighborhood. If you go with odd or off-the-wall exterior paint colors, you can bring down the value of your property and those of your neighbors.

Consider Permanent Materials

The color of your home should fit in with the total picture. You must consider other features which cannot be changed, such as the foundation and patio as well as the landscaping. Think about what you can’t change as well as what you might be willing to alter. For instance, a house with a partial brick exterior will need a color that goes with the shade of the brick. If you have a stone doorway, you’ll want to consider the different shades of the stone when you think about painting the wood around it.

Don’t Forget About the Trim

Whether you plan to paint the trim or leave it as-is, you’ll need to consider how it will look with the new paint color. This includes the shutters, doors, and other accent pieces. For example, black shutters look stylish against a light paint while white or light grey shutters make a good contrast with darker paint. If you want a bold color for your front door, it may be best to keep the rest of the paint neutral or toned down. You may even want to consider how other buildings look, such as a detached garage, storage shed, or gazebo. Don’t forget the architectural style of the house. If you own a historic property, you may want to choose colors that keep with the era when it was built. This becomes even more important if you plan to sell your home in the next few years.

Painting your home’s exterior is a big project even before the work begins. Take the time to do some research and talk to a few design experts. You want to choose colors you will love as much five or ten years from now as you do today. At the same time, they should also be shades other people will appreciate if you decide to sell within that time frame. You can also talk to a professional Wisconsin painting company for ideas or to take on the project for you.

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