Five Ways Hiring a Painting Contractor Improves Your Life

Monday, July 10, 2017

Painting a room (or several rooms) can seem like a fun job to tackle. However, after a few hours of paint splatters on your face, fumes in your nose, and drips down the wall, DIY painting suddenly seems less appealing. Here are five ways hiring a painting contractor improves your life.

1) The job will get done faster and better.

Let’s face it – even the best DIYer is no match for a professional painting contractor. Professional painters have a lot of knowledge and experience, meaning that they can get a job done quickly. A project that might take you several weeks can take a team of experts mere hours. Get your weekends back by hiring a painting contractor.

2) Most paint companies guarantee their work.

If you take on a painting project, you will be solely responsible. Successes and failures will all be on you. However, should you retain a professional, it’s likely that you will receive some kind of guarantee on the work performed. Lakeside Painting offers a labor and materials guarantee on residential, commercial, and industrial paint jobs.

3) Commercial painters use state of the art equipment.

Commercial painting equipment can be costly and is not likely to be found in a layperson’s toolkit. Professional painters have top of the line machinery that can help ensure uniformity throughout the entire project. Quality machinery will also help painters get the job done faster.

4) Professionals dot their I's and cross their T's.

Professionals know the importance of prep work. Without properly preparing a surface, the newly applied coat of paint will quickly fail. Without proper preparation, getting a new paint job will be a total waste of time and money. In addition to careful prep work, painting contractors will also ensure that your landscaping, furniture, and other valuables are well taken care of.

5) Painting contractors know what to look for.

While painting the interior or exterior of a home, painting contractors know what to look for. They can easily spot structural defects. Minor weaknesses can easily be patched or fixed. Significant structural defects may require more in-depth treatment, and it’s likely that a professional painter can make craftsman recommendations.

Whether you are in the industrial or commercial sector or if you’re just seeking to revamp your own home, Lakeside Painting can help. Although we’ve only mentioned five ways hiring a painting contractor improves your life, the benefits are vast. Lakeside is a company you can trust, so give us a call now.

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