Growth Opportunities are Everywhere with Lakeside Painting

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

When you work with Lakeside Painting, you get to enjoy more than just a job. If you’re looking for a career with potential for growth, we can help you achieve your goals. You can expand your skills, develop your leadership abilities, and build your career for the long-term.

Expand Your Skills

One way you can grow with Lakeside Painting is by learning new skills. Maybe you’ve worked as a residential painter in the past. Now, you can take that knowledge and apply it in commercial and industrial settings.

Being a commercial painter is different from working on residential jobs. The environment and needs of a business can vary vastly from what a homeowner might require. As you learn about industrial painting and commercial tasks, you’ll build your skillset, which can help you advance in the future.

Not only will you learn about interior and exterior painting, but you’ll develop carpentry skills, learning how to reface and finish cabinets. You’ll also learn about commercial pressure washing and machinery painting. As you build your portfolio, you’ll become an expert in the industry.

You can also learn about flooring with Lakeside Painting. You’ll work with a team to install and repair floors, as well as learning about concrete floor polishing and line striping. These skills will give you more options for future jobs.

Develop as a Leader

Another way you can grow with Lakeside Painting is by developing as a leader. You may start out as an apprentice painter if you’ve never done any professional painting before. However, you won’t stay in that position long if you make progress. You can become a full-fledged painter and even work up to project supervisor or other management positions.

When you work with one of the crews, you’ll learn how to interact with residential and commercial customers. You’ll develop a focus toward excellence and take pride in a job well done. You may have to learn to handle customer complaints and work to make things right.

Expand Your Areas of Expertise

Lakeside Painting serves customers beyond the Milwaukee area with customers in Waukesha, Germantown, and many other communities throughout Wisconsin. This allows you to work in areas near where you live or in a preferred location.

Not only can you work in different geographical locations, you can also work with various industries. Lakeside Painting provides services for many industries, including car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices, and schools. You’ll learn how each of these industries have their own standards and regulations and how Lakeside Painting meets those requirements with each job.

Once you get a job with Lakeside Painting, you can begin working on new skills. You can determine an area of focus for what interests you and let your crew leader or supervisor know what kind of jobs you prefer. As you continue working with the team, your supervisor can help you find the projects for which you’re best suited.

If this sounds like a career you can get excited about, you should apply for an open position online with Lakeside Painting, a company that cares about helping you reach your potential.

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