How Lakeside Painting Tackles Non-Hazardous Paint Removal

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

You may have old paint that needs to be removed before you can apply a new coat of paint to your warehouse or commercial or industrial building. You need to find a way to have the old paint removed while not contaminating your site. Lakeside Painting offers multiple options for non-hazardous paint removal.

Pressure or Power Washing

One of the most popular ways of removing paint is by pressure washing or power washing. Pressure and power washing use a stream of water under pressure to remove old paint, along with dirt and grime. The difference between the two methods is power washing applies heated water to the surface which allows it to get cleaned deeper down.

This method of paint removal is ideal for the exterior of a building. It can be used on different surfaces, including metal, concrete and wood. You can add special cleaners and detergent to the water to help with the cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting

Another option which is safe for the environment and may be used around food is dry ice blasting. It doesn’t cause damage to equipment and may be used on tough or sensitive surfaces. One of the benefits for this method is that it doesn’t require machinery to be taken apart. Instead, you can use the dry ice blasting on the machinery as it is. This saves time on setup and cleanup.

Dry ice goes back into the atmosphere, which means there is no additional waste. It’s ideal for companies that are concerned about the environment or the impact of paint removal on their processes or products.

Sponge Blasting

Sponge blasting is the ideal choice for companies that need quick results. This process takes less time than other methods. It also does a superior job and is environmentally friendly. This high-pressure system expels sponge media onto the surface to remove paint and other contaminants. This media flattens on the surface and attaches to the particles. It acts as a vacuum to trap those contaminants and remove them.

Professionals choose sponge blasting to remove hard paint without damaging the surface below. Fewer particles are released into the air, which reduces health hazards. It’s often the method of choice for removing old lead-based paint and for areas that require a clean process.

Another benefit of sponge media is that most of it is recycled. Because it’s not abrasive, there is less concern for explosions, which creates a safer work area for everyone.

When selecting the best method of non-hazardous paint removal, you must consider the overall space as well as the type of material being cleaned and the industry. Lakeside Painting is a Wisconsin-based professional painting company with vast experience in paint removal and knowledge of the different industries. This means they can provide valuable advice on which paint removal method to use to ensure optimal results and a safe environment. Contact Lakeside Painting if you need paint removed from a surface while ensuring strict codes and regulations are met during the process.

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